Oman to increase expat visa fee to support Omani job security fund

Oman’s Ministry of Labour has said that five per cent of expat work permit renewal fees will go towards funding the Job Security System (JSS) in the Sultanate, local media reported. The charges for renewing expat work permits will be raised accordingly.

“The amount of five per cent will be added to employment visa fees issued and renewed for the non-Omani workforce,” the official said.

“This excludes special permits or private permits issued to employees working in households, such as drivers or housemaids, as well as those working on farms. For example, if the cost of the permit is right now 300 Omani riyals, then from early next year, it will cost 315 Omani riyals.”

The Job Security System (JSS) aims to provide temporary financial benefits to Omani citizens terminated from work for reasons outside their control. Temporary financial provisions from this fund for job seekers are also expected later.


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