Oman transport bosses want to ban expats in the sector

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Residents living in Oman who want to have goods delivered from stores across the GCC often choose the cheapest option – and that usually means an unregistered delivery company.

Transport bosses argued that the sector should be fully Omanised to cut down on rogue haulers and to ensure Omani firms get all business from the country’s ports. “We must combat hidden trade by all legal means because it affects the Omanisation of the transport sector,” one company boss said.

The “hidden trade” within the sector and resulting competition from expatriate workers – able to undercut registered firms – is damaging the industry, bosses said. The bosses also suggested to the Chamber of Commerce chairman that expats should be prevented from investing in trucks, equipment, and contracting in the road transport sector, calling for the trade to be fully Omanised.

Source Credit: Times of Oman
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