Oman, UAE – Staring at traffic accidents is a violation

Vehicles on road.
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Slowing down to goggle at traffic accidents can lead to a hefty fine, warns Abu Dhabi Police.

Rubbernecking or staring at road accidents is considered as a fine in the new amendments of the traffic law, Royal Oman Police (ROP), has said.

“Rubbernecking is considered as a violation that falls under ‘Disruption of traffic’ which [can be fined] OMR10 to 15 as per the amendments of the traffic law. Gawking at traffic accidents causes disruption of traffic, endangers other lives and prevents ambulance from arriving at the scene on time,” he said.

The official added that motorists who slow down to watch traffic accident could also cause traffic accidents between them. “They are watching traffic accidents on the other road, and they can lose control and can cause traffic accidents between them,” he added.

The official called upon road users to abide by the traffic rules and not to slow down when they see a traffic accident. “It’s hindering the traffic flow as well as the movement of the ambulance,” he continued.

It was also announced in the UAE that staring at traffic accidents can land you a Dh1,000 fine, police said.

Abu Dhabi Police warned motorists to stop rubbernecking after a recent accident at on the Dubai — Al Ain Road that saw nine people sustianing minor injuries when a speeding vehicle crashed into another car that was parked on the side of the road.

Due to a large presence of rubberneckers, ambulance and police were delayed, and unable to quickly attend to the injured.

Source Credit: Times of Oman


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