Oman weather alert: Scattered showers and thunderstorms expected

Oman News Agency has shared another weather alert following one issued yesterday warning of a partly cloudy day over the governorates of the North, the Eastern, Southeastern, and Central regions of Oman.

Some cities and towns that come under the remit of this weather alert are Sohar, Nakhl, Mussanah, Duqum, Sur and Quriyat, to name a few. Chances of scattered showers and thunderstorms were also indicated in these governorates. Many parts of the capital experienced light to moderate rainfall yesterday evening, with some places getting more than a moderate shower.

The extension of clouds to the coastal areas of the Sea of Oman, resulting in sporadic rains and wadis overflow in the towns located on the Hajar Mountain ranges and its vicinity, was also to be expected the alert had mentioned. Hajar Mountains areas namely, Jabal Akhdhar and Jabal Shams get frequent rainfall in comparison to the rest of Oman, except perhaps the Dhofar region. Dhofar region, in the south of Oman has an earmarked monsoon season that renders the southern governorate rainy and misty from July for two months.

Yesterday evening rains lashed the town of Quriyat, as reported by many residents and citizens through their Social Media accounts. Some of the interior places in Ghubra and Ghala areas, as well as Nakhl, a place popular for its hot springs, in the capital area, has also received rainfall.

Quriyat has been at the receiving end of heavy rainfall with wadis overflowing and descending into the roads, and the popular tourist spot Misfa valley presented quite a sight with a torrent of overflowing water.


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