Omani city is one of the hottest places on Earth

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According to a number of leading weather websites, Rustaq recorded 49.6 degrees Celsius, one of the highest temperatures in the world on June 9, 2018.

Oman’s meteorology department confirmed the figures online, as it declared the highest and lowest temperatures recorded yesterday.

In addition to Rustaq, three other areas in the Sultanate were among the list of the top 10 hottest places.

Al Amerat was at fifth place with 48.9 degrees Celsius, Fahud was at sixth place with 48.6 degrees Celsius, while Adam airport was at ninth place with 48.4 degrees Celsius.

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Sources also revealed that Kuwait was among the second hottest place in the world, with 49.4 degrees Celsius, followed by Iraq with 49.2, and Pakistan with 49.

Source Credit:Times of Oman


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