Oman’s Food Safety and Quality Centre refutes rumours of donkey meat

The Food Safety and Quality Centre has denied rumours circulating on social media alleging the presence of donkey meat instead of beef in the Sultanate of Oman’s markets.

In exclusive statements to Al-Shabiba website, the centre confirmed that, in cooperation with the Veterinary Quarantine Department of the General Directorate of Animal Wealth, it follows up and examines imported meat to ensure its safety, quality, and compliance with standard specifications.

The Centre for Food Safety and Quality stressed that it pays periodic visits to slaughterhouses and factories exporting meat in the country of origin.

The centre confirmed that there are veterinary and health certificates accompanying the consignment of meat approved by the country of origin, and that imported meat is monitored and examined to ensure its safety, quality, and compliance with standard specifications, and audits of health and veterinary permits and certificates.

He added, “The approach of approving the source in the country of origin is followed through periodic visits to the slaughterhouses and exporting factories.”

A number of Twitter activists had circulated a post written by a citizen claiming that the meat imported from India is donkey meat, not beef.


Times of Oman
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