Opinion: Don’t kill Bahrain’s golden goose

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Remember Aesop’s fable, the Goose that laid a Golden Egg? A couple, whose goose laid golden eggs, made its owners fabulously wealthy. But they got greedy, so they killed it and in the end, they ended up with nothing.

So when someone recognizes an act of folly, they have “killed the goose that laid the golden egg,” delivered each weekend, from across the Causeway. People from throughout the Gulf and across the way, each weekend adding to the local coffers, in the hotels and eating houses, cops keeping a wary eye on those too boisterous, warning, if necessary, detaining, those who transcended the laws of Bahrain.

Yet, “the system,” worked.

But some would say, not anymore.

The goose that brought the golden eggs, indeed gutted.

That, and the simple “going home” of more expatriates, including those living in complexes and apartment blocks, like in Juffair.

Source Credit: Gulf Daily News
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