Outstanding Schools in Bahrain

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As the Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA) represented by the Directorate of Private Schools and Kindergartens Reviews (DPS) will complete the second cycle of reviews in December 2018, find more about their evaluation and the outstanding Private schools in Bahrain.

The education sector in the Kingdom anticipates major uprising as the demand for modern institutes and facilities suited to 21st century teaching methods increases. Private schools will play a major role to develop the community and will be teaching about 33% of the Kingdom’s students by 2020.

The Government in Bahrain has stepped in to ensure the quality of education and training sectors since 2008. This is essential to ensure the quality of what is provided to students particularly as new private schools are springing up across Bahrain. The Directorate of Private Schools and Kindergartens Reviews (DPS), is one of the four directorates within the General Directorate of Education and Training Institutions Reviews (GDR) within BQA.

DPS reviews, monitors and reports on students’ outcomes, the main processes and the quality assurance of both outcomes and processes within private schools according to the best international practices. They identify strengths and areas for improvement in Private schools to spread best practices and provide recommendations for improvement.


The Directorate emphasizes in the conduct of all its procedures the principals of professionalism, fairness, integrity, transparency, consistency, credibility and sustainability. The review framework evaluates students’ outcomes through judging the aspects of academic achievement and personal development. The school’s processes are judged through the aspects of teaching and learning and support and guidance provided to students. The quality assurance of both outcomes and processes is judged through the aspect of leadership, management and governance.

The DPS trains private schools on filling out a Self-Evaluation Form (SEF) prior to the review to get schools ready for the review by explaining how to fill the SEF. The SEF assists the school to organize the mass of information about the school, and to make judgements about its achievements and schoolwork aspects. It will also enable the schools to clearly identify the school’s strengths, areas for improvement, and plan for addressing these areas.

Schools should regularly update the SEF, in order to ensure that the school is constantly aware, knowledgeable and effectively evaluates its situation and sets their plans accordingly. Completion of the SEF includes a range of management processes of monitoring and evaluation. Rigorous self-evaluation is an indicator of an effective leadership. In addition to the Self-evaluation Form (SEF), the DPS includes parents in the review process through relentlessly seeking their views about their children’s schools/kindergartens and the services provided. This is done through an automated process of screening using an online parents’ opinion questionnaire (PQs) that takes into account confidentiality. The Directorate continuously develop schemes to elicit parents’ views in various ways to maximize their involvement in the review process. This is also achieved through holding a parents’ meeting during the actual review of randomly selected parents. For Parents interested in attending the parents’ meeting, they are asked to express their wish to attend through the parents’ questionnaire (PQs) to be included within the selection of the invited parents as much as possible.

DPS has completed the third cycle of reviews in June 2018. As per the DPS reviews, here’s the list of top 6 Private schools in Bahrain:

  • The British School of Bahrain
  • Riffa Views International School
  • Bahrain Bayan School
  • Ibn Khuldoon National School
  • Nadeen School
  • St Christopher’s School


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