Over 39,000 New Planes Needed By 2038 To Meet Demands

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The need for more planes, pilots and technical crew to meet demand is growing. But new stats reveal just how massive the need is.

The world’s passenger and freighter aircraft fleet is set to more than double from nearly 23,000 today to almost 48,000 by 2038, according to a new report from Airbus. This will also result in a need for about 550,000 new pilots and 640,000 new technicians.

Airbus’ latest Global Market Forecast 2019-2038 predicts that, of 47,680 passenger planes expected to be in service by 2038, 39,210 will be new, and about 8,470 will be planes that were also flying in 2019.

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Air traffic has more than doubled since 2000. Christian Scherer, Airbus chief commercial officer and head of Airbus International, says more people travelling for business and pleasure than ever before also means the aviation industry is having a greater economic impact than ever before.


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