Over 70,000 expats aged 60 to leave Kuwait in 2021

More than 70,000 expatriates aged 60 are set to leave Kuwait next year in the implementation of a decision stopping renewal of residency permits for migrant workers who reach this age.

Kuwait has recently unveiled measures to minimize hiring foreigners as part of vigorous efforts to redress a demographic balance in the country.

Kuwait’s Public Authority of Manpower has compiled lists of expatriates covered by the decision of banning renewal of residency permits for those turning 60 and holding pre-university degrees. The decision is due to go into effect beginning next January.

“There is no going back, exemption or modifying this decision,” a source said. Only expatriates, who have children working in Kuwait, will be allowed to switch residency to families, the source added.

Moreover, expatriates turning 58 and 59 will have their work permits renewed for one year only, the sources said.

According to a recent media report, the deadline for migrants covered by the ban to leave Kuwait will be set by the General Department of Residency Affairs from one to three months.


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