Over Two Million Passengers Cross King Fahad Causeway

KFCA denies rumours of causeway closure.
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More than 2 million passengers crossed the King Fahad Causeway during the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia spring holidays. This was announced by the King Fahad Causeway Authority (KFCA) through its official social media accounts and website.

KFCA stated that the number was one of the highest numbers of passengers crossing the causeway since its establishment in 1986.

KFCA added that according to Saudi Passports’ statistics, a total of 2,056,424 passengers crossed the causeway from 1-18 January 2020, at a rate of more than 114,000 passengers a day. KFCA noted that most passengers finished causeway procedures with record transit times.

KFCA added that 26 minutes was recorded as the average time to complete travel procedures to Bahrain during peak hours and 41 minutes as the highest time recorded, and 35 minutes was recorded the average time to complete travel procedures to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during peak hours and 48 minutes as the highest time.

It is noteworthy that KFCA has earlier promised that there will be no long waiting lines on the causeway during spring vacation as it will take the necessary procedures to facilitate the crossing of passengers. KFCA officials confirmed that the flow of traffic will be taken into consideration in the Bahraini and Saudi sides through joint and continuous coordination by all departments working on the causeway on both sides.


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