Owner Under Remand For Inquiry Upon Unlicensed Bakery

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An unlicensed bakery, which was shut down two days ago for flouting rules continues to be under investigation with its owner now remanded in custody, it is learnt.

The bakery which was being run in an unhygienic environment came under controversy after a video of its unhygienic environment went viral on social media.

The bakery in the Southern Governorate was closed down as it did not possess the required licences to be operational. It reportedly was also in bad shape.

The owner of the shop has been charged with running a business without the required paperwork and dealing with food without a permit.

He was also charged with selling eatables that could be harmful to health. Samples of the food will be examined by the concerned authorities, according to the Public Prosecution.

It is not known how long the bakery has been operational. No complaints of food poisoning are known to have been filed against the bakery.

According to sources, the building the bakery was situated in also housed a large number of workers.

“Following what was published on social media about the bakery, an investigation was done. The Public Health Department at the Ministry of Health sent a team to visit the bakery.

“In co-operation with the Southern Governorate and the Public Prosecution, steps have been taken to shut down the bakery.”

“During the visit, the shop was found to be unlicensed and being run illegally. The building was also used to house workers.

“The ministry extended its gratitude to the videographer who spread awareness about the bakery with concern about consumer safety,” the Ministry stated.

Source Credit: DT News



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