Palm sized baby (only 580g) born in the UAE

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An extremely preterm male baby no bigger than the palm of a hand and weighing only 580 grammes was recently born at Medeor 24×7 Hospital in Abu Dhabi’s. The delivery took place at 25 weeks of gestation instead of the usual 40. “We had to perform an emergency caesarian section because of severe hypertension in the mother. At birth, the baby was in respiratory distress. His lungs had not yet developed their function,” said Dr Govinda Shenoy, consultant and Head of Neonatology.

The baby’s father, Henry Digo from the Philippines, recounted the initial days. “We were so worried … After his birth, I cried when I saw my baby. I was afraid whether he would make it or not. But I had faith in God and the doctor that they would do the best for my baby.”

“He was initially kept on mechanical ventilation. Then we moved him to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and nasal flow oxygen. Oral feeds were started once he reached a 34-week gestation period and could tolerate it,” said Shenoy. Eventually, the team’s efforts began to show results and the baby did not develop any complications. At the time of his discharge, he weighed 1,880 grammes. Both mother and child are now doing well.


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