Partner Workout

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Bahrain-based “Fit Aussie” Hayley Biddle teaches us how to help ourselves and our partners get the health and body we want.

One of the best things about being in a relationship is that you always have the perfect workout partner. Your special someone already loves you and can encourage, support and help push you to reach your fitness goals-all while you help them do the same.

The only hard part in working out with your partner is trying to think of effective exercises that you can do together. Look no further because here are seven fun exercises couples can do to strengthen both their bodies and their relationship. You can even try these workouts with your sibling, co-worker, or parent.

1.Wall sits.

Sit next to each other with your backs straight and pressed flush against the wall. Ideally your legs should be at about a 90 degree angle. If this is too difficult then you can practice leaning up higher against the wall until you’re able to work up to a 90 degree angle.


2. Resistance push-ups.

This is a simple exercise that involves one’s partner lightly pushing down on their spouse’s back while he or she does a push-up. The person with their hands on their partner’s back creates resistance as their spouse pushes up. The more resistance, the more effective the exercise will be.

3. Hand shake push-ups.


This is another variation of push-ups designed to strengthen the upper body. Start by facing your partner while both of you are in the pushup position. Together, go down for a pushup and shake (or slap) right or left hands with each other as you come up. Repeat this same motion with your opposite hand and continue to alternate.

4. Couple’s planks.

This exercise can be done by facing each other and holding the “plank” position with your elbows on the ground with your legs and back kept straight. You can even grab hands with your elbows down with your partner to help support and balance one another. This workout can also be done side by side if you’re too tempted to laugh while facing your partner and staring into their beautiful eyes.


5. Squat-and-throws.

Stand facing your partner about 8-10 feet apart. One of you will start holding a medicine ball and together you will do a synchronized squat. When you come up from the squat, whoever has the ball will throw the ball to their partner and then he or she will do a squat with it before throwing it back.

6. Connected sit-ups.


Sit down facing each other and put your feet together. You can then choose to either do sit-ups simultaneously or take turns alternating. Toss a medicine ball back and forth to intensify this work out and make it even more effective.

7. Lying leg throw downs.

For this exercise, one partner lies on the ground while the other stands directly over the head of the other. The person on the ground will grab their partner’s ankles and raise their legs toward their partner while keeping them as straight as possible. The person standing will then repeatedly push their spouse’s legs back down. Switch positions after completing the desired number of reps.


Since you already spend most of your time together, you can also help one another eat better and make other health-conscious choices while at home.

Now it’s time for you to get out there and sweat with your partner!








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