Passengers faint aboard Karachi-bound Saudi flight

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A Karachi-bound flight from Madina put passengers at risk when it took off with a faulty air-conditioning system over the weekend, delaying their arrival by more than three hours. Sources claim that many pilgrims fainted on board due to suffocation and a rise in cabin temperature.

A source at Karachi airport confirmed that the incident took place. He said that the cabin crew learnt about a technical problem after all passengers had boarded the aircraft. Due to this issue [which interfered with the air-conditioning], he explained, the plane did not take off for an hour or so. “Eventually the crew decided that it would be best to continue with the flight, hoping that the air-conditioning would start working soon,” he added.

Sarah Iqbal and her husband were flying back to Karachi on SV-706 to collect their children from her parents’ before heading home to Doha. “We were scheduled to depart at 13.30 Saudi time but the flight was delayed by two hours. While waiting on board we learnt that the aircraft’s cooling was not working and they needed time to get the cabin temperature down,” she said. “After half an hour they started boarding more than 300 Hajis. We were in the hangar tunnel and noticed that the air hostess was sweating profusely and welcoming the passengers on board — their makeup with melting off their faces but they didn’t really have a choice,” she added.

Source Credit: Dawn
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