People Expected To Live For Longer In Kuwait

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Lifespan 2040 researchers said that people in Kuwait are expected to live to an average age of 81.4 years in 2040, the highest in the region.

According to the study, Kuwait’s life expectancy is set to rise from 79.4 in 2016, putting it 41st on the global list and ahead of Saudi Arabia despite the Gulf kingdom’s rise in the rankings.

Saudi Arabia is set to jump 18 places between 2016 and 2040 as its life expectancy is set to rise from 77 to 81.2 years.

In the UAE, which is poised to rise nine places from 77th to 68th in the same period, life expectancy will increase from 75.5 to 79.5 years.

Bahrain is set to fall three places from 64th to 67th as its life expectancy rises from 76.8 to 79.6 years while Oman is set to rise one place from 62nd to 61st with a life expectancy in 2040 of 79.9 compared to 76.9 in 2016.

Globally, life expectancy in 2040 is set to rise at least a little in all nations, with Spain taking the top spot while China and the United States trade places.

The researchers found other nations set to lose ground in the race towards longevity include Canada (from 17th to 27th), Norway (12th to 20th), Australia (5th to 10th), Mexico (69th to 87th), Taiwan (35th to 42nd) and North Korea 125th to 153rd).

Moving up the ranking are Indonesia (117th to 100th), Nigeria (157th to 123rd), Portugal (23rd to 5th), Poland (48th to 34th), Turkey (40th to 26th), Saudi Arabia (61st to 43rd).

For the world as a whole, the researchers’ study projected a five-year gain in lifespan, from 73.8 in 2016 to 77.7 in 2040.


Source Credit: Arabian Business


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