Perfect Instagram places in the UAE

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UAE is an Instagram-friendly place with beautiful locations for great photos to display on your Instagram profile or for your personal photo log. Here are some of the places we love visiting for photography that are either free or very cheap.

1. Al Bastakiya or Al Fahidi

Al Fahidi neighbourhood or Al Bastakiya is reminiscent of how people in the UAE lived before the sweep of modernisation. It is a side of Dubai that many people don’t see on popular media, which is why we love this location.

2. Ras Al Khor Flamingo Sanctuary

Many people don’t know that flamingos are native to the region. You can visit the sanctuary for free and get memorable photos of the pink-plumed birds. The best time to go would be around 4 or 5pm which gives great natural lighting without the risk of getting sunburnt – not to mention the possibility of getting some stunning sunset shots.

3. Shaikh Zayed Mosque

A main attraction for visitors in Abu Dhabi, almost everyone who visits comes away with great pictures. The mosque is so beautiful that getting impressive pictures is a given.

Note: Photographing people in public places without their permission is punishable in the UAE, especially women. Make sure no photos are focused on people you don’t know, and if you want to take portraits, ask for permission first letting them know where it might be displayed.

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