Petrol prices officially increased in Bahrain

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Manama : Petrol prices in Bahrain have been increased beginning at 2 pm today. Jayyid (91-octane) is now sold for 140fils/litre after it was sold for 125fils/litre, while the Mumtaz (octane-95) is sold now sold for 200fils/litre after it was sold for 160fils/litre.

A source in Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) told DT News today that “the company instructed its concerned personnel to temporary stop the operations at the fuel pumps in the Kingdom while the systems are updated”.

However, no official statement was available from the company. This is the second time gasoline prices are increased in the country within two years. In January 11, 2016, Mumtaz prices increased by 60fils and Jayyid increased by 50fils, as the government decided to remove gasoline subsidies as part of its cost-cutting procedures back then.

Source: DT News of Bahrain


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