Philippine Halts Deployment of Newly-hired Domestic Workers to Kuwait

The Philippines is soon to halt the deployment to Kuwait of newly hired domestic workers until more safeguards are in place for their protection and welfare.

This comes after pressure from lawmakers to implement a deployment ban following the death of overseas Filipino worker Jullebee Ranara and reports of another Filipino domestic worker being abused by their employer just a couple of weeks into 2023.

Migrant Workers Secretary Susan Ople said Filipinos looking to work abroad can consider other countries. She also suggested Hong Kong as a strong alternative, which is much nearer to home, and Singapore where they have very good relations with their counterpart ministry.

Ople has been against implementing a total deployment ban on Kuwait despite reports of abuse OFWs had to endure under their employer, saying the issue can still be resolved through labor diplomacy.

The Kuwaiti government has been open to engaging in bilateral labor talks to iron out issues.


Saudi Gazette

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