These photos show another side of Saudi Arabia

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You know those Instagram accounts that make you want to book a week of leave? We’ve found another one, and it belongs to 31-year-old Leah Schmidt, who’s from Washington State in the US, but lived for four years in Saudi Arabia. Her images of the kingdom are beautiful, and they provide an insight into a country that is often represented in a one-dimensional way.

“I really wanted to share what I was seeing and experiencing,” she says. “I started to find more Saudi photographers and they inspired me to work on my photos to become better.” Living first in Riyadh and then in Al Ahsa, Schmidt became more serious about photography.

Schmidt’s images are beautiful in their own right, but they become even more compelling when you consider where they were taken. This is another Saudi Arabia. “I simply needed a job,” she says of her decision to settle in the kingdom. However, she quickly fell in love with the country. “Each time I thought I might leave I found there was more to see and do.”

Source Credit: Emirates Woman
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