Pioneer In Bahrain’s Higher Education

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University College of Bahrain has been a leading provider of tertiary level education in the fields of Management, Business and Communications Technology, for 16 years. UCB works with a vision to provide a modern, quality-enhanced learning and teaching environment for students to ensure successful entry anywhere in the global economy.

Gulf Insider’s educational guide focusses on the leading educational institutions with accurate courses for future jobs.  In this aspect, the Gulf Insider team meets with Dr. Khalid M Al-Khalifa, Chairman and Founder of the University College of Bahrain.

What courses does the University College offer for the future jobs?

UCB offers three majors at the undergraduate level, namely Business Administration,

Multimedia and Communications, and Information Technology. UCB also offers MBA program with specializations in Management and Islamic Finance. All these courses have been developed to suit the current job market in the fields of finance, business analytics, media, product design, sales & marketing.

What differentiates UCB from other universities and colleges in Bahrain?

UCB is a pioneer in higher education in Kingdom of Bahrain, as I have earlier mentioned our courses are developed in a way to match the current job market and is of the most superior quality. We review our curriculum on an annual basis, where we develop our courses according to the market needs. For instance, our current Islamic Banking course is in collaboration with the Malaysian University, who are experts in this field.

Does UCB have an on-campus recruitment process?

Yes, Indeed! For the past 11 years, we have annually hosted a Career day at our campus where companies from across Bahrain exhibit themselves and recruit the most promising candidates from our graduating batch. Many of our students have secured jobs this way.

There are many changes in the market these days, what UCB has done to cope with it?

The last 4 years have seen the market delve into depression, thus jobs have become harder to obtain, especially in banking. But, what I have witnessed is that it bears no problem to our graduates. This is only because our reputation precedes us and there has always been a demand for UCB graduates in Bahrain.

What impact have modern-day developments taken on students?

I think there is a change in how students receive information, since they are no longer dependent on just one source. They are benefitted by the electronic databases. Everything is available if they want to source it. This revolution of information seeking and availability has only helped students to obtain more knowledge and it also changes how they apply the information in assignments and their day-to-day life.

What is the long-term plan for UCB?

We are planning to move to a bigger campus in the next 5 years. I would also like to see some collaboration with Indian universities to deliver Indian programs here. A vast population of the expatriates in Bahrain belongs to the Indian ethnicity and therefore catering to them would be beneficial to both parties. We really look forward to realize this dream.

Does UCB have any affiliations with foreign universities?

Initially, we had affiliations with Canadian and American universities, but we no longer have them since we have potential in ourselves to be independent. We’ve been in the education field for 16 years, and we have acquired the maturity to run solely on our programs and ambitions.

What is your dream on the education sector of the Kingdom?

Many of our students are from Saudi Arabia and for me, I would like to see Bahrain as a hub for higher education in the Gulf region. For example, the Kingdom can invite plenty of students from Saudi Arabia to offer additional opportunities that we offer. I hope our government and Ministry of Education, support us in this regard.




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