Plane Passenger Sparks Fierce Debate After Reporting a Six-Year-Old Child to a Flight Attendant When She Accidentally Covered Him in Glitter – Only for Her Mother to ‘Verbally Attack’ Him for Complaining

An airline passenger has sparked a fierce debate after revealing how he reported a six-year-old child to a flight attendant after she accidentally covered him in glitter and made it the ‘flight from hell.’ 

Detailing his now viral story anonymously on the subreddit, ‘r/AmItheA**hole,’ the man told how he was sat next to the youngster ‘aka Glitter Godzilla’ on a ‘packed’ and delayed flight, along with her mother. 

In a bid to keep the child busy, the mother had given her a ‘bunch of arts and crafts,’ including a glue stick, markers, paper and craft sticks but things went south when the glitter came out. To his horror, the glitter and glue went ‘everywhere’ and the man said he looked like he had been ‘bedazzled on his lower half’ with the medley on his shoes, backpack, and jeans.

Eager to resolve the matter in a non-confrontational way, he said when he got up to use the bathroom, he ‘quietly shared the situation with a flight attendant’ and ‘she promised to discretely address it.’ However, when he returned to his seat, the mother was p****d. 

Continuing the story he said: ‘Idk what the flight attendant said but the mom claimed I was being discriminatory against mothers, and since the flight was delayed she was just trying to keep her child entertained. 

‘Then she started raising her voice, accusing me of being ‘a selfish man with no understanding of children’. All this despite the fact that my lower half now looks bedazzled. There were no other seats available, so I was stuck the rest of the flight with this lady’s verbal attacks. The flight attendants gave me looks of sympathy but didn’t want to step in. Of course, the mother gave me a final f*** you as we deplaned.

‘I travel a lot and this was the flight from hell. Not to mention it was pretty embarrassing in the airport. Not that I can blame people for taking notice. After recounting his flight ordeal, the man asked the Reddit community if he was in the wrong for getting ‘some help in dealing with what felt like a glitter assault.’

‘Should I have just sucked it up and become a human art project?’ he quipped. 

To date, the glitter-strewn tale has garnered more than 1,800 comments with some Redditors questioning the man’s response. 

One commenter wrote: ‘Not the a**hole at all but you should have said something directly to her, and if that failed that told the attendant. 

‘Just be direct and let her know what her kid is doing is not ok and that you’d like her to step in to prevent it from affecting you. If that fails escalate.’

Another Redditor slammed him for not being a parent, to which he responded: ‘Yes that is correct I am not. But even as a non-parent, I know it’s not appropriate to act like this in front of a child. 

‘In the end, I was able to get off and go home, but this kid is stuck and doesn’t have that luxury. As time goes on I feel worst for the kid.’

While some criticized the man, the majority of Redditors said he was in the right. 

Speaking from their own experience with youngsters, one parent sympathized with him, writing: ‘Which freaking moron brings glitter on a flight. 

‘Whenever I’m packing activities for my kids, I have a list of no no’s. Does it make noise? 

‘It’s a no. Can it be used as a projectile? Also a no. Does it make a mess? Nope, nope, nope. Is it generally annoying? It’s a no.’ 

One reader also joked: ‘This was really glitter from visiting a strip club.’

The man offered a dose of humour in return, writing: ‘Damn you got me Reddit! Please don’t tell my wife the truth.’


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