Porsche’s New Generation Macan

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Gulf Insider goes all the way to Hamburg in Germany to test drive Porsche’s new generation Macan.

The Macan is a major success story for Porsche. Until 2014 this sport SUV didn’t exist yet it’s now Porsche’s biggest selling model responsible for no less than forty percent of all Porsche models sold. It outsells the 911, the Cayman, the 718, the Cayenne, and the Panamera. I remember how impressed I was on driving the Macan for the first time when it had just arrived in Bahrain. It felt like a jumbo hot hatch – a cross between driving a 911 and a Cayenne. So I was delighted to be invited to Germany to test the updated model on that country’s autobahns. I was curious to discover how Porsche had improved this car.

The new Macan is an evolution of the model and not a revolution. Porsche have understandably been careful not to change what didn’t need to be changed. Like the Cayman, the Macan is an ‘entry level’ Porsche – but, also like the Cayman, you wouldn’t think so as neither feel they have been the victim of cost cutting in any way. As you would expect, the interior is beautifully designed using top quality materials throughout. Everything has a solid feel and with a craftsmanship attention to detail. It now has a much larger infotainment screen; the new high-definition 10.9-inch touchscreen replaces the previous 7.2-inch unit – and there are all sorts of engineering upgrades. More aluminum is used, improving rigidity while reducing weight. There’s now wraparound rear lighting, new bumpers and headlights. Porsche has fitted all the very latest electronic technologies including LED headlights, and a ‘traffic jam’ mode offering better low-speed cruise control in stop-start traffic. The seven-speed PDK is superb. Few other dual-clutch designs offered by other carmakers can match the smoothness of the Porsche design.

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Drive modes are:
Comfort = fun for normal driving conditions.
Sport = more fun
Sport Plus = even more fun, but not really practical for normal road conditions.
There are two engine options:
The 348 hp Macan S has a 3.0-litre V6, similar that in the Panamera and Cayenne, with a single twin-scroll turbocharger producing 260kW. Zero to 100km/h drops by 0.1sec to 5.3 seconds compared to the old model, and minus another two-tenths if you use the Sport Chrono’s launch-control feature. The base model 2.0-litre offers 248 hp though because it’s lighter than the Macan S this, to a degree, helps to offset the performance shortfall of the smaller engine.

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Starting Prices inclusive of VAT:
Macan BD 22,242
Macan S BD 29,310

To arrange your own test drive in Bahrain, call Porsche Centre Bahrain on +973 1745 9911


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