Preparations in full swing for Bahraini Farmers’ Market

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Farmers participating in the 8th edition of the Bahraini Farmers’ Market said that their preparations are in full swing for the event. This was announced by the organizing committee of the event which is set to kick off on December 14th (this Saturday) at the Budaiya Botanical Garden. The committee stated that the date was selected to coincide with the Kingdom of Bahrain’s celebrations of the National Day.

Farmers added that they have a lot of vegetables to display like alDecember 14thl types of local tomatoes, local broccoli, local beets, local lettuce, local carrots, local cabbage, local onions, and many others.

They pointed out that this market helps farmers to market and diversify their products, in addition to enabling them to develop by bringing seeds and planting them in the same location. In addition, they noted, the availability of some varied agricultural seedlings and setting up sub-festivals devoted to some fruits of the cultivated varieties.

The organizing committee said that the past few days have witnessed the holding of the optional lottery by distributing farmers on their locations at the market in Budaiya Botanical Garden in preparation for the launch of the event.


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