Proposal to prioritise Bahrainis for jobs in private schools

Bahraini candidates are to become the first choice for jobs in private schools in Bahrain. A proposal giving citizens preference in such jobs received the nod of the Parliament.

The proposal is now with the government to prepare a draft law, the News of Bahrain report said quoting Al Watan.

The Secretary-General of the Higher Education Council Abdulghani Al Sheweikh reportedly backed the proposal.

Al Sheweikh, however, said, the Education Ministry has little control on employment in private schools and that its role is limited to oversight.

The proposal, according to MP Isa Al Dasuri, lands more jobs for Bahraini graduates and will be instrumental in boosting Bahrainisation.

“There are over 3,000 foreign teachers in public schools while Bahrainis are employed in private schools for two years until they get state support and then the schools lay them off,” the report quoted MP Masuma Abdulrahim as saying.

The proposal reportedly tabled by five lawmakers cited an increase in the number of Bahraini graduates and incapability of the Education Ministry to offer them jobs in public institutions, a Gulf News report said.

The report also highlights a draft bill approved earlier by the Bahraini parliamentary committee asking employees to give job preferences to citizens.

The draft bill requires employers to check records of Bahraini job-seekers and hire qualified citizens.

Failure to comply with the regulations will be punishable by a fine ranging from BD5,000 to 20,000, the report added.


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