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Secure, Transparent, and Simple: Beyon Connect

Gulf Insider interviews Beyon Connect CEO, Christian Rasmussen.

Beyon Connect is focused on delivering new technologies with great innovation potential, Software-as-a-Service platforms, and advanced IT solutions in the MENA region.

Under the Beyon Connect umbrella, two new products were recently launched: One Box and One ID.

One Box is an innovative digital postbox solution designed to enable national secure communication between the public sector, private businesses, and residents of Bahrain in one secure, convenient, and trusted digital space.

OneID is a highly secure single e-ID which will be made available as a mobile application. It allows onboarding of Bahrain residents through an advanced e-KYC process supporting passport and national ID cards with facial recognition and liveness check.

The new products are being developed to respond to the needs of the public and private sectors, addressing challenges that are becoming more commonplace in the changing digitized economy.

What is the drive and purpose behind Beyon Connect?

Our mission is to create better and more inclusive digital societies for individuals and businesses in the MENA region. To do so, we offer digital seamless communication solutions, in which transparency, security, and efficiency are key elements.

We found that a number of society-created infrastructures have large potential in Bahrain. These infrastructures have been a driver of building better digital societies for Denmark and the Northern countries, which rank high in terms of eGovernment rankings in the United Nations.

Our response was to build a strategy pinpointing the missing elements in order to move up the ranks in comparison to the leading countries. We identified strategic areas focusing on citizen-centered and business-oriented communication, providing a digital identity, and later on utilising these with innovative smart cities integrations.

Essentially, we want to build an ecosystem where individuals or business owners can have any kind of digital proof or digital communication, such as insurance, company, health organizations, car, or house, injected into personal, digital, free of cost mailboxes.

Trust and data privacy are of critical importance and to this end, we have implemented the highest level of security and personal data protection in our platforms. You always know who the sender is, and public institutions and businesses benefit from the identity verification provided through the secure digital identity. There will be no more forgetting of important official notifications or hospital and bank appointments as these can always be found in the digital postbox.

Is Bahrain your sole focus, or are you taking your solutions and services across the GCC?

While we are headquartered in Bahrain, we have agreements in place with a number of entities in Bahrain and in the GCC and MENA regions. We recently announced MoU signings with Bahrain’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and Egypt Post for OneBox and OneID and we will soon announce further partnerships with other major organisations.

How do you see Beyon Connect evolving over the coming year and five years from now?

Over the coming year, our focus is on rapid growth and establishing lighthouse transformations within private sector businesses and public sector institutions. We have plans to announce subsidiaries across the MENA region during 2022. We intend to take the bottom out of the market, especially for identity solutions by providing highly secure, technically robust and commercially compelling solutions.

In the next five years, we intend to continue launching new products and verticals and rethinking how we communicate. Our driving mission is to continue working on how individuals as well as their identity, can be protected.

Is there anything else you’d like to add or share for our readers to look forward to?

I think it’s important to note that we have a sustainability focus. By 2030, all the countries in the MENA region have an increased obligation to take care of the environment, fighting for people’s rights and equality between men and women. We see the support of these goals as part of our core values.

Bahrain is, of course, one of the higher-ranking countries in this region with regards to this agenda, but we have an opportunity to rank higher. We intend, with our products and services to support this national, societal shift.

Already this year, we are moving to eliminate paper-based non-secure communication as we transition into secure digital correspondence. We want to invest in a society where we focus on the whole cycle of sustainability through harnessing the power of digital. It has already been proven in other leading countries across the world and now we are committed to supporting the Kingdom of Bahrain and the MENA region as a whole to reach their sustainability goals.

For more information about Beyon Connect and its products, visit www.beyonconnect.com and www.onebox.bh or email [email protected]


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