Psychologist Reveals 12 Subtle Signs You Might Be Suffering From Loneliness

A psychologist has revealed 12 subtle signs you may be suffering from loneliness – from feeling restless to losing your sense of purpose. The signs include disconnecting from loved ones and feeling constantly exhausted.

Accompanying the list of 12 signs was an extensive caption in which Dr Lalitaa Suglani, a clinical psychologist from Birmingham, discussed loneliness. She pointed out that ‘we are all on our journey’, and as a result, we all have ‘our own experiences of what makes us feel lonely’.

The American Psychological Association defines loneliness as ‘affective and cognitive discomfort or uneasiness from being or perceiving oneself to be alone or otherwise solitary’. Dr Lalitaa described loneliness as ‘the state of being alone and feeling sad about it’.

Dr Lalitaa’s 12 subtle signs you are lonely:

1. Disconnecting from loved ones.

2. You constantly feel tired/exhausted.

3. You feel a loss of ‘purpose’.

4. You find yourself taking long and hot showers.

5. You can’t stop binge-watching shows.

6. You lack motivation/are unproductive.

7. Spending lots of time on social media.

8. Feeling like ‘everything’ is an effort.

9. You have feelings of restlessness.

10. You have a negative self-image and find yourself frequently self-doubting.

11. You can appear withdrawn or moody.

12. You can have a disruption in your sleep patterns or eating habits.

She noted: ‘Loneliness isn’t always obvious in another person so let’s choose to be kind as we don’t know what anyone is going through.’


Daily Mail
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