Put pressure on Iran to end support for terror: BHRWS

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Manama: Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society (BHRWS) yesterday called upon the international community to put pressure on Iran to end that country’s support to terror groups in Bahrain.

“The Iranian regime and the terrorist Revolutionary Guards are responsible for these acts of terror. They’re also responsible for the training, sheltering and financing of terrorism against Bahrain,” BHRWS said, referring to the arrest of suspects involved in the terrorist attack on the Bahrain-Saudi pipeline in Buri last November.

The human rights society demanded the international community to “bear its responsibilities, combat the Iranian regime and impose strict sanctions on it”.

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Faisal Fulad, the BHRWS General Secretary,   demanded in the statement that the political, religious, military and intelligence leaders of the Iranian regime should be presented before the International   Criminal   Court.

Fulad said that the BHRWS  observed with concern the the Interior ministry’s statement, which revealed that investigations’ results linked the arrested to the Iran-backed “February 14 Coalition” terrorist group. The Interior Ministry yesterday revealed the arrest of four people in connection with the Buri pipeline explosion yesterday.

The Society praised the efforts of the different security authorities to protect citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Bahrain from terrorist crimes orchestrated by Iran.

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DT News reported last November that the attack on the pipeline occurred in a highly populated area in Buri.

The fire lasted for ours causing no injuries among the residents of the village and only damaging nearby homes and vehicles. Civil Defence firefighters, who reached the scene in three minutes, evacuated all residents and secured the area. 12 houses were damaged in the incident, while four shops and 28 vehicles were also damaged because of the heat.

Source Credit: DT News


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