Qatar bans eating insects

Qatar has banned the eating of insects, saying they are not halal.

Issuing a notice on social media the Ministry of Public Health said that insects as food was banned in Qatar.

The update came after the EU passed new regulations approving certain insects into the food chain for consumption.

Qatar bans insect food

It means snacks made from insects such as partially defatted crickets an mealworms can be made, sold and eaten across much of Europe.

Don’t expect to see insects and bugs on menus in Qatar, however, as it bans their use in foodstuffs on religious grounds.

In a statement the Ministry said: “In reference to what is being circulated about some countries’ decision to approve the use of insects in food production, the Ministry of Public Health stresses that it bans food products containing insects in the markets for not meeting the requirements of Halal food technical regulations”.

The Ministry said the ban is in line with relevant regulations in the GCC and the religious opinion of the competent authorities which prohibit the consumption of both insects and proteins and supplements extracted from them.

It added: “The Ministry of Public Health verifies compliance with the halal requirements through Islamic bodies accredited by the Ministry, and through international-accredited laboratories to determine the source of protein contained in food products accurately”.



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