Qatar court uphold’s death penalty for teacher’s killer

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Badr Hashim Khamis Abdallah al Jabr, a Qatari man who was found guilty of stabbing Lauren Patterson, 24, a British teacher to death is set to be executed after a court upheld his death sentence.

Jabr met Patterson at a hotel in the Qatari capital and later allegedly sexually assaulted her before stabbing her to death with a seven-inch blade. He then burned and dumped the remains of her body in a desert outside of Doha in 2013.

Lawyers representing the Qatari had argued that he had acted in self-defence, was mentally incapable at the time of the murder and that Patterson had committed suicide. But the judge said “several consequential strands of evidence” proved Jabr’s guilt. Use of capital punishment is rare in Qatar, with the last known case of the death penalty being carried out in 2003.



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