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Qatar Enforces A Strict Dress Code For Government Employees: No Sports Shoes With Traditional Attire

Qatar has set strict dress code regulations for employees across ministries, government agencies and public bodies during work hours and at official events.

The office of the Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Circular mandates that Qatari male employees must wear the traditional attire — a thobe, ghutra, and egal.

A notable inclusion in the circular is the ban on sports shoes while wearing traditional Qatari attire such as the bisht, thobe and ghutra, unless a medical reason is provided.

For non-Qatari male employees, the dress code requires a dark-coloured suit with a matching shirt and tie.

The circular specifies the colour of the bisht to be worn at official occasions, varying by time of day: white in the morning, blonde at midday, and black in the evening, with specific guidelines for winter.

Female Qatari employees are expected to wear a traditional abaya and head covering, while non-Qatari female employees are required to wear formal business suits that suit the work environment.

The circular emphasises modesty, banning short, tight clothing and bright colors, and mandates that makeup must be “appropriate.”

These measure aims to maintain a formal and professional appearance at all times.

The directive also covers general appearance rules, advising against opaque and tight clothing, chains, clothing with logos, and inappropriate hairstyles, underscoring the importance of a professional public appearance for all government employees. This new regulation highlights Qatar’s commitment to preserving cultural traditions and promoting a dignified professional environment.


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