Qatar Reports 1,523 New Coronavirus Cases and 3,147 Recoveries

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Ministry of Public Health today announced the registration of 1,523 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 3,147 people having recovered from the virus in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of recovered people in the State of Qatar to 33,437. The Ministry also announced two deaths due to the virus.
The reason for the large increase in the number of recoveries is due to the application of the latest international recommendations regarding criteria for recovering from COVID-19 infection, which was approved by the Ministry of Public Health.
Over the last 24 hours, the Ministry also recorded 22 new patients being admitted to intensive care due to the virus, bringing the total number of cases currently in intensive care to 240.
The Ministry states that the new cases are due to expatriate workers who were infected with the virus as a result of contact with individuals who were previously infected, in addition to recording new cases of infection among groups of workers in different regions. The new cases have been identified after conducting investigations by the research and investigation teams of the Ministry of Public Health that contributed to early detection of cases.
Cases of infection have also increased among citizens and residents as a result of contact with infected family members who had been infected in the workplace or through visits and family gatherings.
The new confirmed cases of infection have been introduced to complete isolation in the various medical facilities in the country, where they receive the necessary healthcare according to the health status of each case.

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