Qatar Reports 957 New Coronavirus Cases Today

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The Ministry of Public Health today announced the registration of 957 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 and the recovery of 54 cases, bringing the total number of recovered cases to 1,066

Most of the new cases registered are due to expatriate workers working in different occupations who have been in contact with previously discovered cases, as well as recording new cases of COVID-19 among groups of workers from outside the industrial area who were identified through testing by the Ministry of Public Health. This has contributed to the early detection of new cases.

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The remainder of new cases infected with the virus have come from citizens and residents who have contracted the virus from members of their families, who in turn had contracted the virus through their workplaces or other places where they had been to exposed to infected people.

With 54 new recovered cases, the total number of people to have recovered from COVID-19 in Qatar is now 1,066.

The Ministry of Public Health stated that the noticeable increase in the number of confirmed new cases of coronavirus is due to several reasons, including that the spread of the virus has begun to enter the peak stage where numbers are expected to continue to increase before they begin to gradually decline.

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This is in addition to the fact that the Ministry has doubled its efforts in tracking coronavirus transmission chains and expanded the search for infected people by conducting extensive and proactive tests of groups of contacts with people who have been confirmed with the disease previously. This early detection of many cases of infection helps reduce the spread of the virus further.


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