Qatar royal jet is for sale – Here’s A Look Inside

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A JET belonging to the Qatari royal family is up for sale — although it’s more like a flying mansion than plane.

The Boeing 747-8 comes complete with multiple of rooms and is decked out in a regal blue, white and gold colour scheme.

The Qatari royal family have put one of their customised planes on sale

According to The Sun, the plane was originally intended for a whopping 467 passengers, but the royal family — led by the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani — took out most of the seating to maximise space so it now has seats for 76 passengers and 18 crew.

The plane has been listed for sale on aircraft sales site Controller, and has been flown for only 403.2 hours, which makes it relatively new.

There’s no starting price for the plane, but it’s been reported as being priced at a mind-boggling $555 million — and that’s without taking into account the bespoke interiors.

Inside, there’s plenty of room to spare. There’s a vast dining room-cum-boardroom with comfy blue airline chairs that seats 14 people.

A royal mile-high bathroom. Picture: Controller
There are 10 different bathrooms on board, so there’ll never be too much of a queue for the loo
The opulent dining room. Picture: Controller
There’s a huge dining room-cum-boardroom that could be used for parties as well as meetings

There are also several lounges, including two separate downstairs and upstairs.

There’s a huge bedroom suite with a very luxurious-looking double bed. And 10 different toilets, kitted out in the same royal blue and gold colour scheme.

There’s even a medical centre on board — because when you’re this rich, why not?

Buyers are told to call up AMAC Aerospace in Switzerland if they fancy making a bid on the extravagant plane.

And while it’s a little outside most of our budgets, at least we can enjoy the pictures.

The plush lounges. Picture: Controller
There’s a choice of lounges on board the plane’s two floors
This definitely doesn’t look like it’s on a plane. Picture: Controller
This double bed looks like the perfect place for a well-earned kip
A sitting area fit for an emir. Picture: Controller
The sofas in the lounge have seat belts, in case the ride gets a bit bumpy
A lavish flourish. Picture: Controller
The decor isn’t exactly subtle – but what else would you expect from royalty?
The on-board medical centre. Picture: Controller
There’s even a medical room, which will be handy if you get travel sick


Source Credit: news


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