The Qatari royal close to the Saudi leadership

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Photos of a smiling Saudi king and a Qatari royal holding hands after securing Hajj for thousands of Qatari’s was a far cry from the crisis tarnishing the two country’s relationship over the summer.

Just weeks before the pilgrimage, King Salman met with the Qatari Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali. A few days earlier Sheikh Abdullah and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman held discussions, which were widely seen as the reason behind why Saudi Arabia opened the doors for Qatari pilgrims amid an economic and travel boycott of the country.

Since then, Sheikh Abdullah became a frequent guest of the Saudi royal court quickly elevating the royals’ status as an integral figure in the three-month old crisis. The breakneck speed with which he has become known is represented by his Twitter account, which was created a day after his meeting with Prince Mohammed and grew to have more than 300,000 followers in less than two weeks.

Source Credit: The National
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