Qatari Warplanes Flew above Bahrain’s Territorial Waters

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Two Qatari warplanes were detected by Civil Aviation Affairs flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet above the international waters, within Bahrain Flight Information Region (FIR) without any prior authorization.

The pilot of one plane had to conduct a manoeuvre to avoid collision with the Qatari fighter jets.

The two fighters flew deliberately under a UAE Airbus 320, with call sign of A6HMS, en route from Fujairah to Rome, prompting Bahrain’s Air Surveillance to intervene and take the necessary measures to ensure aviation safety, reported Bahrain News Agency.

The Emirati A320 jet then flew at a higher altitude of 35,000 feet to avoid the Qatari fighters, which consistently violate international conventions and jeopardize the movement of civil aviation in the region.

In the statement, the Civil Aviation Affairs condemned the irresponsible act, announcing that the necessary measures have been taken to file complaint with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).



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