Qatar’s internet sensation ‘Metro Man’ wins hearts during FIFA World Cup

Sitting atop a high-chair, with a megaphone and a foam hand, a metro guide says “Metro! Metro! Metro…Metro.. Metro..” to all football fans heading towards the station at Souq Waqif.

The metro guide, later dubbed as the ‘Metro man’ has gone viral for turning an ordinary commute journey to a memorable one, adding on to the festive atmosphere of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

As he goes viral on the internet, his spot at Souq Waqif later turned into a favourite stop-over for fans looking to get around Doha.  

This time they are cheering him on to say his iconic lines “Metro! Metro!” In one TikTok video by discovermoe, a group of volunteers also responds with “This way!” as he guides fans through the megaphone.

Since then, he has opened his own TikTok account, garnering over 40 thousand followers til now. Comments of support poured on each of his videos with one user joking, “This is my new ringtone.” 

The ‘Metro Man’, whose real name is Abu Baker Abba, was also a special guest at last night’s match between England and USA. 

In a packed Al Bayt Stadium, Abu Baker speaks through the microphone and shouts “Metro!” on the pitch in front of thousands of football fans. In return, the crowd responds “This way” with much enthusiasm. 

The ‘Metro Man’ has been awarded for his efforts and Qatar 2022 organizers also thanked him for his contribution in ensuring the smooth flow of transport during the FIFA World Cup.  



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