Qualified Expats In Saudi To Get Privileged Iqamas

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The qualified expats in Saudi will be provided a number of privileges in the kingdom in a landmark decision by the Shoura Council approving the draft Distinguished Iqama (residency permit) Law.

According to the law, the expats in Saudi holding such an Iqama will have family status and can obtain a visit visa for relatives, recruit domestic workers apart from owning properties, means of transport and such other advantages.

The 41st ordinary session of the Council, chaired by its President Sheikh Abdullah Al-Asheikh, took this decision. The draft law aims at attracting affluent people with special treatment.

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The law envisages that expatriates will have to make payment of a special fee determined by the Executive Regulations and that a center called the Center of Distinguished Iqama will be established for the purpose.

There will be two types of Iqamas – One for an unlimited period and the other for one-year validity with subject to renewal.

The requirements for the new type of Iqama include a valid passport, enough financial resources, sound health report and certificate of no criminal record.

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Meanwhile, the Council approved the amendment to articles 17 and 21 of the Anti-Graft Law and endorsed amending a number of articles related to the Saudi Building Code.



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