‘Rain teams’ highly effective in Bahrain

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Rain teams formed to combat the ill-effects of the rainy season have been ‘highly effective’ during the first spell of showers this month. Bahrain has been able, until now this year, to avoid the massive waterlogging issues of previous years, thanks to the recent formation of ‘task forces’ created especially to deal with waterlogging.

With this, the government may have finally solved the puzzle of waterlogging. The task forces were formed in every governorate, highly prepared to deal with the undesired outcomes of rainfall. The task forces were a success, judging from their effectiveness after the first spell of showers. He said that the teams in each governorate were able to deal with removing rainwater stagnation quickly avoiding any waterlogging issues.

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Meanwhile, agricultural drains are being cleaned across Bahrain for the country to be able to be better equipped to handle rainfall. The government hopes to avoid waterlogging issues caused by rain during the rainy season.


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