Ramming through the desert

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Gulf Insider experiences the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 through a smooth and rugged desert drive.

Typically, when you think of pick-up trucks you certainly don’t think of luxury and comfort. Personally, when I think of pick-up trucks I think of heavy power, heavy duty, masculinity, large-in-size and strength. When I saw first saw the line-up of the new Ram 1500 at the stunning Meydan Hotel in Dubai, these attributes are exactly the impression they give, yet, when you enter the new models, the level of comfort and luxury is like nothing I’ve ever witnessed or known a truck to have. The new 2019 model of the Ram 1500 have made a coalition of both premium, high quality truck attributes and luxury. The complete redesign has made the new model better than ever with more strength, comfort, capability and performance… after having the pleasure of being invited down to Dubai to test drive this beauty for the regional launch, I soon grew a love for this vehicle and realised it’s perfect for everyday use.

On the morning of the drive day, we were welcomed at the front of the hotel to a vast fleet of gleaming 1500’s. I moved fast and was lucky to hop into the Ram 1500 Limited – the highest possible luxury specification level in the range. Entering the vehicle using the electric folding side-steps (available only on the Limited), the vehicle looks even larger on the inside with beautiful design, detail and stitching. The new model delivers state of the art technology with the award winning U-connect system – the Limited boasts a huge 12 inch touchscreen display. It is the largest screen I have ever seen in any car.

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It comes with navigation and split-screen capability plus Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and wireless charging pad is standard, also Type-C USB ports that charge devices up to four times faster than a standard USB outlet. Wide leather seats with a centre console arm rest the size of a small seat. Plenty of leather and real wood trim with 58% more leather than the competition. Everything inside the car was large and it worked beautifully. The top-of-the-range Limited also comes with 22 inch wheels, premium leather bucket seats and a luxury wood/ leather wrapped steering wheel. The new Ram 1500 is also offered in Big Horn, Rebel and Laramie trims. The car was excellent to drive both on road and off road – smooth, powerful, quiet and it makes you very high-up above the rest on the road which I like. It also packs quite a punch when it comes to acceleration, certainly more than you’d think for a truck.

The 1500 is powered by the legendary 5.7-litre HEMI V8, it packs 395hp at 5,600 rpm and 410 lb.-ft of torque. I didn’t hear or feel the engine until I hit a straight and empty road through the desert and slammed the pedal down, thanks to expanded noise cancellation and cylinder deactivation. When you put your foot down, the V8 makes a distinct roar. Great efforts have been put into maximized fuel efficiency as typically trucks can be harsh on the wallet when it comes to fuel consumption.

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The engineering team has made large overall weight reductions and the new 1500 also features Fuel Saver Technology (cylinder deactivation) which cuts in half the numbers of cylinders used to power the engine – highly efficient for highway cruising when full power is not required. We really tested it to its maximum when we took it off road and even the most roughest and rockiest terrain was no issue for the new 1500. We then ventured onto the desert off the beaten track and threw it around in 4×4 mode and it handled brilliantly. A true off road champion and great fun for those who regularly enjoy off-roading. Ram claims that the new 1500 sets a standard so high, the segment will find it hard, if not impossible, to match. I strongly advise you, even if trucks aren’t your thing, to at least book a local test drive and try the beast for yourself.

Starting price of the car is BD 16,800 with VAT

For more information or to book a test drive, contact the Behbehani Brothers showroom on +973 1745 9955.

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