Raped and tortured in a Dubai prison

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Scotland Yard is investigating claims by an ex-football boss that he was raped and tortured in a United Arab Emirates jail after the authorities outed him as gay. David Haigh, former Managing Director of Leeds United, spent 22 months in prison in Dubai after being accused of falsifying invoices and unlawfully channelling funds to a secret bank account.

His complaint to the Metropolitan Police war crimes unit details the five months he spent in hospital on release, suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as damage to his knee, hands, shoulder, eyes, teeth and a fractured cheek bone.

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He said that while in jail he was outed as being gay by the authorities against his will, in a country where the penalty for being homosexual is death. It happened after he wrote pleading letters to the Dubai DIFC Courts, including judges who were required to investigate allegations of torture, but refused to do so.

Source Credit: Mail Online
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