Ras al-Zour oil spill: Kuwait battles to control damage, Saudi Arabia puts emergency plan in action

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Kuwait battled Sunday to control an oil spill off its southern coast that stained its beaches, threatened to damage power plants and water stations and left long black slicks in the Persian Gulf.

The area in Kuwait is home to the oil and natural gas fields shared by Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. It remained unclear where the spill originated, though Kuwait said it didn’t look like the spill came from its oil fields. They offered no estimate for the number of barrels of oil spilled, though footage from Kuwait’s Environment Public Authority showed oil tarring the beaches and in the waters off the southern area of Ras al-Zour.

Authorities in neighboring Saudi Arabia have put an emergency action plan into effect to deal with the spill and were conducting an aerial survey of the area, according to a statement carried by the state-run Saudi Press Agency.

Source Credit: FirstPost
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