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‘Real Housewives of Dubai’ trailer receives backlash

Residents and citizens of the UAE have denounced the new Bravo series The Real Housewives of Dubai, saying it is not representative of people living in the emirate.

After a new trailer for the show, which is out on June 1, was released on Wednesday, Emirati commentator Majid Alamry describes the trailer as featuring “women that are wearing bikinis on beaches, using the nastiest language you can ever think of and they’re presenting themselves as gold diggers”. “Now, my wife is a housewife, she does not dress like that in public, she does not speak in that manner and she has achieved a lot in her life.

“The housewives of my country are our mothers, our sisters, our daughters. They are the backbone in helping giving our children the proper upbringing. Yes, we are a tolerant country, but that does not mean that others can walk all over our morals and values.” he added.

Many were quick to applaud Alamry for his comments, which have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on various platforms.



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