Reckless ambulance driver arrested, suspended

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Manama : A reckless ambulance driver was arrested and suspended from work after posting videos online of himself over-speeding with blaring music while on a rescue mission in the Capital last week.

The Bahraini driver posted several videos on his personal account on SnapChat last week, bragging about his driving skills and speaking about an elderly woman he was supposed to rescue in Juffair area in the eastern parts of the capital. In the videos, he was seen driving over 150 kmph on Awal Avenue in Juffair and jumping red lights while the sirens were switched on. “A journey of action,” as he described it in one of the videos. The videos were soon leaked to various local social media networks and drew nationwide condemnation as “the driver’s behaviour reflected irresponsibility and disregard of the humanitarian duties of ambulance staff” as commented by many online.

Health Ministry confirmed in a statement issued on Tuesday night that it has launched a probe into the case and rejected the behaviour by the ambulance crew.

“This is a personal behaviour and doesn’t reflect the ministry’s policies. Every employee has pledged and vowed at the time of his/her graduation to maintain the sanctity of the profession, respect it and abide by the laws of the health institution they work for,” the ministry said, confirming that the man worked at Salmaniya Medical Complex.

 “In regards to the video circulated on social media showing an ambulance driver over-speeding, the driver was arrested and relevant legal procedures were taken,” the General Directorate of Traffic in Interior Ministry said.

Source: DT News Bahrain


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