Record number of passengers on Bahrain-Saudi Causeway

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King Fahd Causeway that links Saudi Arabia with Bahrain has set a new record as about 118,000 people crossed it on Monday, the fourth day of Eid Al-Fitr. This is the highest number of passengers to cross the causeway since its opening three decades ago.

This figure also marks the largest number of passengers who crossed the Kingdom’s land, air and sea borders in a single day, according to a statistical report carried by Al-Hayat Arabic daily on Wednesday.

The report highlighted the good coordination between various government departments that operate the bridge. “Passengers crossed the border within a record time of 15 minutes,” an official said.

According to the report issued by the Passport Department in the Eastern Province, 622,203 crossed the Kingdom’s borders during the four days of Eid Al-Fitr celebrations.

The management of King Fahd Causeway said a record 117,935 passengers crossed the bridge on Monday, the fourth day of the festival. During the first three days of Eid, at total of 160,506 passengers crossed into the Kingdom while 199,021 crossed into Bahrain.

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Meanwhile, 47,876 passengers crossed the Khafji border point to reach the Kingdom while 56,788 people left the Kingdom through the same border point. The Ruqae border witnessed the arrival 26,501 people and departure of 32,349 people, the report said.

A total of 9,704 passengers arrived in the Kingdom crossing the Bathaa border while 39,658 passengers left the Kingdom through the same border point. At the same time, 12,039 passengers arrived at King Fahd International Airport in Dammam and 37,411 left the airport during the first four days of Eid.

Al-Ahsa Airport witnessed the arrival of 48 passengers and departure of 302 passengers taking the total number of passengers who crossed the Kingdom’s land, air and sea borders during the four days of Eid to 622,203.

Col. Mualla Marzouq Al-Otaibi, spokesman for the Passport Department, said travelers were able to cross the Kingdom’s borders during Eid Al-Fitr holidays smoothly without taking much delay despite the huge volume of traffic.

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Eastern Province Emir Prince Saud Bin Naif and Passport Department Director General Maj. Gen. Sulaiman Al-Yahya had given instructions to passport officers to speed up procedures at border points to ensure the smooth flow of traffic during Eid holidays.

“The opening of new tracks at the causeway just before the Eid was instrumental in facilitating the movement of passengers on the bridge,” said an official in causeway the management.

During the Eid holidays, accumulation of vehicles did not take place on the causeway due to the addition of 21 lanes for passengers departing to Bahrain and six for returning passengers.

“Now there are 31 lanes for passengers coming from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia,” one official said.

As many as 746,803 passengers crossed the causeway since the beginning of Ramadan until last Saturday.


Source Credit: Saudi Gazette


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