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Saudi: Red Sea Global Scuba Centers To Train Divers With Disabilities

Two diving centers owned by Red Sea Global are now certified to train scuba divers with disabilities, making them the first of their kind in Saudi Arabia.

The diving centers, at the Nujuma, Ritz-Carlton Reserve, and Turtle Bay, received a five-star rating from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors for expertise in providing diving experiences in challenging locations.

The rating requires each center to have instructors trained in disability-adaptive techniques, and wheelchair access to all areas, including the diving zone and any boats used for diving experiences.

Instructors completed three days of theoretical and practical training in both a swimming pool and open water. They practiced diving with limited mobility by wearing mesh swimming gloves, and a blacked-out mask to simulate visual impairment, and learned how to guide divers with disabilities.

Rosanna Chopra, executive director of destination development at Red Sea Global, stressed the company’s dedication to creating an inclusive diving environment.

She added that the centers’ infrastructure, logistics, communication methods, training, and safety protocols were tailored to accommodate divers of all abilities, ensuring a welcoming and supportive experience for everyone.


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