Renowned Bahraini Psychotherapist jailed for “defamation”

The court has issued verdicts against six terror suspects.
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The Minor Criminal Court yesterday sentenced a renowned Bahraini psychotherapist to one year in jail after she was found guilty of defamation and falsifying information in connection with a viral video about the sale of prescription drugs at a public girls’ school last year. The woman was also convicted of misusing telecommunication service and fined an amount of BD. 200.

The Public Prosecution has conducted “extensive” investigations into the matter, heard the testimonies of the parties involved and reviewed the report of the Education Ministry on the incident, before referring them to the court.

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Earlier this year, the physiotherapist posted a video on Instagram, claiming that two schoolgirls enrolled at the Hamad Town Intermediate Girls’ School were selling Lyrica pills, a painkiller which is used to treat epilepsy, anxiety and other disorders, inside the school.

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