Revoke citizenship of naturalized widows: Kuwait

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Manama: A lawmaker in Kuwait has called for revoking citizenship of the naturalised wives of Kuwaiti men upon their death, saying there was no basis for the women to continue enjoying the benefits of the nationality after their husbands are dead.

“The Kuwaiti citizenship of the naturalised wife should be rescinded after her husband’s death so that she will not seek the Kuwaiti citizenship for her children from her new husband who will be a foreigner from her country of origin,” MP Safa Al Hashem posted on her Twitter account.

Al Hashem, who has been spearheading a movement to reduce the number of foreigners in Kuwait to address the demographic imbalance in the country, insisted that the “foreign” widows of Kuwaiti men had no reason to keep the acquired Kuwaiti citizenship, Kuwaiti daily Al Seyassah reported on Sunday.

The lawmaker, the chairperson of the Women and Families Committee in the Kuwaiti parliament, said that the members would be discussing the issues of the wives of Kuwaiti men with the Minister of Interior.

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Her remarks prompted a vast array of reactions on social media, ranging from full support to outright condemnation.

“Safa is the only MP who is truly loyal and patriotic,” one user, Al Subai, posted.

Kofi, another user, applauded Al Hashem for her “bravery” and asked her to continue on her path.

“You are a hero, so keep moving forward.”

Flore said that foreign widows “marry their cousins and bring them over to Kuwait where they enjoy huge benefits.”

However, some commenters lashed out at Al Hashem for her stances.

“You should focus on your role as a lawmaker and hold those who trade in visas illegally, instead of blaming expatriates all the time,” Sara Al Idris, an activist, posted. “Adopt a practical stance in line with your parliamentary responsibilities, work on those who trade in expatriates and refer to them to the public prosecution. I see that you are focusing on the most vulnerable section of the society. It seems that you have only this racist issue to try to gain some mileage for the next parliamentary elections.”

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Another user, The Lady of the Palace, said that Al Hashem should look for another issue that would be beneficial for Kuwaitis instead of focusing on expatriates.

“I am shocked by your mindset and there is so much hatred. Do look for another issue that would be of interest and benefit for Kuwaitis.”

Other users said that revoking the citizenship would be unfair, but called for including clauses that would ban the naturalisation of children born to a naturalised Kuwaiti mother in a second marriage.

Source Credit: Gulf News


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