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Revolution Precrafted, Going Global!

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Mr. Robbie Antonio, real estate developer, the Founder and CEO of Revolution Precrafted, details his global expansion plans.

What are the expansion plans for Revolution Pre-crafted to the MENA region?
Even when we were in the early stages of putting up the company, there was already a conscious goal of going global. In order to achieve growth and sustained demand for our products, we knew that we have to have footprint in all regions of the world and MENA was definitely one of the regions we wanted to have solid business in. Customers from this region are ready to pay for good products, and they know how to appreciate design driven homes and other structures. They have an eye for great design and architecture. ‘We are also looking for exclusive dealers, and partner developers in Bahrain. We believe that we can work together in creating beautiful residential projects in Bahrain.

Detail your present projects?
We like residential projects that have great volume. Most of our projects involve hundreds of homes, and we hope that we can bag similar projects in MENA. Alternatively, we also aspire for more spacious homes that boast great design. We are currently in the middle of expansion and diversification. While we have focused on most prefab projects, we are now accepting and pursuing hybrid projects and we expect this to contribute to the velocity of our projects around the world. We intend to be a leading marketplace that connects consumers with the best developers, fabricators, designers, architects and artists around the world.. On top of that, we are also exploring hydroponics, block chain, affordable homes, low to mid rise condos, hotels and offices.

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What’s integral is our business model of partnering with some of the world’s best architects, designers and artists. In fact, we are now in the process of rolling out our ‘Renegade Concepts’ which further enhances our collaboration with our partner designers and celebrities. We feel that there is so much untapped potential in our partnerships, so we explored possible franchises and businesses where we can show our combined creativity and excellence. This is a natural progression of our capabilities.

We have recently launched our partnership with world boxing icon Manny Pacquiao to come up with a boxing gym franchise. We have also unveiled our partnership with the design duo of supermodel Helena Christensen and Camilla Staerk. We also are also in the final stages of rolling out the salon franchise of fashion model Liliana Nova. We also ventured in biking gym franchise with Troy Montero, an actor in the Philippines. There is so much possibilities in these franchise concepts so we expect them to be a crucial part of our overall business in the years to come.

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What are some of the challenges you have come across?
As mentioned, we want volumes that allow us to achieve some economies of scale. For this, we need to be present in as many markets and we need multiple projects in each market. We had to educate the markets and dispel some misconceptions about prefab but after the initial questions, we were able to show the advantages and benefits of prefab technology. Now that we have expanded to hybrid and quasi-prefab, we expect more inquiries and more projects.

How would you determine your success?
Success is when you have surpassed your goals and expectations.


Any unknown facts about your journey so far that you would like to share about readers?
It is not unknown, but I attribute our success to a lot of hard work, flexibility and creativity. We met a few obstacles along the way, which is normal for any business, but we were always able to come up with brilliant solutions. That is because our team and our employees are committed to achieving our goals.


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