Rich Kids of Dubai…

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With no jobs to worry about, every day is a holiday for these spoilt youngsters. As these envy-inducing pictures prove, it’s hot in Dubai and the teenagers are happily spending their days lounging by the pool,  on the beach, and on private boats.

In one of the Instagram snaps, a beautiful blonde in a bright orange dress relaxes on a boat – while taking in the view of the towering skyscrapers.

In another, a bikini-clad lady relaxes on a beach bed – while in one the youngsters boast about the non-existent “Dubai winter”.


Helicopters and hot tubs also adorn the Instagram account – which has followers.

While in another picture, the driver of a Rolls Royce ghost gold car takes on a herd of camels out in the sandy desert.

One worry-free youngster sips champagne and nibbles on strawberries by the pool.

And an ab-tastic bloke strips off in the scorching heat, while driving his eye-catching red Ferrari around Dubai’s streets.



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